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December 2018

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 First Expansion for Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Limited Edition

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PostSubject: First Expansion for Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Limited Edition   Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:12 pm

Ok here it is:
To see a video of the LE content: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTDgmnTCiOE

To read about the LE content: http://mpogd.com/news/?ID=7560

Copied below is the info.
First Expansion for Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Limited Edition

Seoul. Korea - WEBZEN Inc. announced the first expansion version of Soul of the Ultimate Nation (S.U.N.): Limited Edition, which will be serviced in Korea this coming February.

WEBZEN opened the teaser website of S.U.N.: Limited Edition, and revealed screenshots and videos of the new monsters.

Global S.U.N. was first released in 2009. This is the first time to add a new system along with massive content updates.

WEBZEN is scheduled to service S.U.N.: Limited Edition with new scenario which adds new monsters and battlefields as well as new continent, Salient.

The expansion for S.U.N. is based on the previous scenario, but its user interface (UI), the quest system, personal skills, crafting, and much more are completely changed.

WEBZEN is scheduled to pre-test, like a form of CBT, and will start the official service on February 24 depending on the performance and the operation of the test server.
Tony Kim, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN said We have focused on game renewal as it is a recent on-line game trend. Thats why we are quite confident that S.U.N.: Limited Edition will fulfill gamers high expectations. He also added, We will reveal more specific information, but always willing to accept our users opinion before starting the official service.

Meanwhile, WEBZEN signed a contract for S.U.N. with INNOVA, the best Russian Publisher. It has been successfully serviced and been attracting gamers attention all over the world.

Furthermore, S.U.N. is being serviced throughout 180 countries world-wide with global partners and global game portal, WEBZEN.COM.

The first expansion for Global S.U.N. will be released at WEBZEN.COM this coming April.

More details on the video and images of S.U.N.: Limited Edition can be found at the official Korean website at http://www.sunonline.webzen.co.kr.

About WEBZEN Inc.
Founded in 2000 and based in Seoul, South Korea, WEBZEN Inc. (KOSDAQ) has become a leader in the MMOG market and has developed some of the worlds top online game and client/server technologies. WEBZEN is continuing the tradition of MU Online, which boasts more than 56 million registered users, with Soul of the Ultimate Nation: World Edition, Huxley: the Dystopia and an array of exciting game titles slated for release in the worlds game market. Further information on WEBZEN.com and its games can be found at http://www.webzen.com

About Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Limited Edition
Soul of the Ultimate Nation; Limited Edition (S.U.N) has been in service throughout East Asian countries such as China, Japan etc since it advanced Taiwan market in 2007.

Global S.U.N. boasts 6.8 million registered users and its global total revenue exceeded 100 billion which accounts for more than 59 percent of WEBZENs entire global total revenue.

Global S.U.N.is currently in service via global game portal at http://www.webzen.com as well as global partnership service
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First Expansion for Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Limited Edition
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